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College of Education and Human Services dean selected for ACE fellowship

Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson, dean of the College of Education and Human Services, has been named an American Council on Education Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Pehrsson was among 29 administrators selected across the country for the ACE Fellow Program class. Through its leadership programs, ACE is designed to provide administrators with opportunities to learn solutions for higher education challenges. 

During her fellowship Pehrsson will be placed at Misericordia University, PA. According to ACE, fellows observe and participate in key meetings and events. Pehrsson will be paired with Thomas Botzman, Misericordia University president and a 2002-2003 ACE Fellow as her mentor.

Pehrsson was nominated by CMU president George Ross.

“We are proud to have an education leader like Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson at Central Michigan University,” Ross said. “Her dedication to transforming our students as leaders and reimagining the classroom experience is inspiring. I look forward to her research and the lessons she will bring back to CMU after her fellowship year.”

The university is responsible for Pehrsson's salary and benefits during her fellowship. According to ACE this includes an $18,000 program fee which covers curriculum, distance learning support, lodging and food at three required program retreats and instructional support material. They also must provide a $8,000 minimum professional development budget. 

Senior associate dean of the College of Education and Human Services, Elizabeth Kirby, will be filling in as acting dean while Pehrsson is gone. She will be providing over view of the five departments in the college, and for all staff and faculty, and performing fiscal responsibilities. Megan Goodwin will be acting associate dean during this time.

“We have strategic priorities for the college during the academic year and we are always trying to move forward towards those priorities,” Kirby said. “The biggest goal this year is increasing enrollment and recruitment.”

Vice President of Financial and Administrative services Barrie Wilkes confirmed that Pehrsson is still on CMU's payroll. According to the President’s Office, the fees associated with the ACE Fellowship are paid by CMU using one-time funds available through the President’s Office and the College of Education and Human Services. 

According to University Communications it benefits the university to help with financial investment in professional development programs that benefit employees and, by extension, the university. This is because professors and administrators will come back from programs and share their experiences with other faculty and students.