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COLUMN: A major escalation in the war between bikers, walkers

Every day the war rages on between bikers and walkers, and it’s evident that bikers have taken the lead.

According to the CMU Bicycle Registration, bicycle riding is a one of the most popular ways of transportation on campus. However, there are more walkers. When bicyclists use the sidewalks as their own lane of traffic, it’s understandable when some students say that our sidewalks are too crowded.

In the beginning of this year, my roommate, who is a freshman, was almost hit by a bike while walking to class. Run down. On a sidewalk. She is not the only one who has almost been hit. Just this past week, while walking to the Towers, a bike lost control on the train tracks, almost hitting a fellow college student.

“We already have to watch out for cars, and now bikes too?” my roommate told me after her incident. “Something is wrong with this picture. They should not be allowed on the sidewalks unless they are walking their bike and going the same speed as the rest of us.”

I agree, and believe that enough is enough. Us walkers have been pushed off sidewalks with frowns and glaring eyes for the last time. There are specifically designated areas for bikers and walkers for a reason, and those rules should be followed.

Bikers have a biking lane on most roads to begin with, but use sidewalks to weave in and out. Walkers only have one lane to walk on safely.

We should not have to move onto the grass because someone with wheels can’t be considerate. And if they want to continue using our lanes, it’s time for bikers to get horns or bells. This will allow better communication between those with wheels and those on foot.

There will always be a war between bikers and walkers, but it’s time to even the playing field.

Bikes are faster than a casual walker and thus should be held more responsible. If anything, bikers could at least give walkers a warning.