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The International Film Festival will show more films than ever before


The 2017 Central Michigan International Film Festival will show more than 90 films from more than 20 countries on Feb. 9-12 and Feb. 16-19.

The festival, hosted by the School of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts Film Society, will show movies at the Charles V. Park Library on campus and Celebration! Cinema on Pickard street.

This year, the film festival will include more films than ever screened before, said Mark Poindexter, festival lead producer and faculty advisor.

Movie tickets can be purchased at the Java City in the library or Celebration! Cinema. Tickets are $5 each. However, a pack of 5 tickets can also be purchased for $10.

The International Film Festival flyer states, “The 2017 festival is made up of twelve programs of short films organized by theme, a festival highlights program, plus eleven longer films that are shown separately.”

Included in the short film categories is a program called "Love," which features nine films with a distinct outlook on the topic. 

The festival also features eight films from award-winning screen writer and director, William R. Coughlan, a consistent favorite with festival judges.  

"Our judges watched hundreds of films to pick the ones appearing in this year’s festival," the festival program stated. "When the dust settled, one of the surprises was how many different judges picked films directed by William R. Coughlan."

The complete schedule of movie showings can be found at

Central Michigan University has hosted a film festival every year since 2003, Poindexter said. Every year attendance has varied from 400 to 2,000 viewers.