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Artists showcase different talents at open mic night

The Bovee University Center Student Lounge turned into a coffee house-like atmosphere Wednesday as 1892 Productions hosted an open mic night.

The goal of the event was to create a welcoming environment for CMU students to showcase their talents, said Summer Sharrard, 1892 Productions Co-Chair and Essexville junior.

1892 Productions created the environment by interacting with performers and the audience. The group made open mic night an event filled with laughter, support and inspiring art.

A total of 11 acts performed within the hour time slot allotted. The acts ranged from comedy, singing, freestyle rapping, guitar and slam poetry. Roughly 20 people watched as the individuals performed.

Grand Rapids freshman and performer India Ambrose heard about the event through an email from the Office of Students Activities and Involvement. Ambrose decided to perform two slam poems.

“I wanted to get my name out there for poetry,” Ambrose said. “This was only my second performance, but this was a more intimate setting.”

Ambrose was one of many performers who took personal, political and social issues and turned them into art.

"I liked the atmosphere and would do this 100 times over," Ambrose said.

Coldwater freshman Sadie Youse sat in the audience as her friend performed. Youse described the atmosphere as open and said it had a coffee house vibe.

"I would be comfortable performing at an event like this," Youse said. "I would recommend this event to a friend as well."

Sharrard said the organization has plans to do this event again because of its previous success.

"We did this event last semester and it was a big hit," she said. "People were coming up to us asking if we were going to do it again and we did not have it in the books. However, it was an easier event to throw and people liked it, so we figured why not do it again.

“It is something we will incorporate next year for sure."