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RSOs network, develop for upcoming school year at SGA event

CMU students participate in a networking activity for RSOs on April 7 at the Student Involvement Center.

After recently electing president for the 2017-18 academic year, Student Government Association took steps to improve registered student organizations on campus.

RSO & Grow took place Friday in the Student Involvement Center in the Bovee University Center. The event was for any RSOs looking to network and develop for the upcoming school year.

Students sat at one of the six tables choosing which name their RSO falls under varying from academic, activism, social, multicultural, greek and activities.

About 25 students from a variety of RSOs filled up the tables while introducing themselves.

“I really, really, really believe student life is what makes this place tick,” said former SGA president Charles Mahone.

SGA senator Caroline Murray introduced the event's four speakers: Student Budget Allocation Committee Chairperson Matthew Boak, Assistant Director of the Leadership Institute Alex Kappus, Mahone and Pi Sigma Epsilon member Ross Allen.

“SBAC is a really underutilized source here on Central Michigan Universities campus,” Boak said.

Boak informed students about what SBAC is and how student leaders from RSOs and organizations can take advantage of it.

Students participated in multiple activities to get to know each other better and to learn more about leadership.

“What better way to make everybody feel like their voice is heard then to be able to express that to one another?” Kappus said.

Kappus gave students advice on how to be a better leader in their organization.

“It is your responsibility as a part of leadership of an organization to make sure that everyone in the organization is engaged,” Kappus said.

Mahone discussed the Office of Student Activities & Involvement, while Allen focused on RSO member recruitment to end the night.

“CMU was created for the students and so if our students don’t have opportunities for outlets for their passion, our university will start to wither,” Mahone said.

Murray announced the upcoming RSO handbook, which SGA has been working on and will include information on RSOs on campus. The handbook should be available for students by the upcoming school year, Murray said.