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Rock Rally announces Gold Ambassadors for CMU Homecoming


Cobbler performs in Plachta Auditorium during Mock Rock on Oct. 13.

Students and staff gathered in Plachta Auditorium to kick off homecoming weekend with the annual Rock Rally.

The event consisted of a mock rock, various performances, speeches by football players and a reveal of the Gold Ambassadors -- representatives of the student body that showed students the best example of the CMU community. 

Rock Rally also hosted the crowning of the Gold Ambassadors, representatives of CMU and the values the college and campus community stressed. These candidates are interviewed and then voted on by the student body. 

"The Central experience is all about being involved," said Tim Otteman, host of the event.

This year’s Gold Ambassadors were junior Caroline Murray, sponsored by Larzelere Hall, and senior Jason Hall, sponsored by Spectrum.

The candidates for the Gold Ambassador were senior Kara Agby, Murray, senior Samantha Berryhill, senior Jennifer Peacock, senior Kristen Cody, Hall, senior Joshua Belcher, Matthew senior Matthew Boak, senior Amani Johnson and senior Zachary Oborne.

Otteman, the host of the event, could be seen wearing maroon and gold overalls as the rally started and jumped around talking to students and alumni as the rest of the audience celebrated with music and cheers. 

"It's an absolute honor, I am a three-time grad and professor for 17 years, to be involved in homecoming is an absolute honor," Otteman said. 

The festivities were kicked off by the CMU Marching Band. As the band began playing the fight song, spectators stood and showed their school pride.

"It helps unite us for a common cause and lets us make fools of ourselves," said senior Emily Seward.

After the band exited the stage, the unit was followed by the cheer and football teams.

The mock rock competition between residence halls was one of the main draws of the event, a competition between groups that coordinated dances. 

These routines were performances by various dance teams and bands from around campus, including the CMU Dance Team; On the Rox, an all-female a cappella group; the CMU Hip Hop club; and Fish N' Chips, an all-male a cappella group. 

"It was great to perform on stage with some of my best friends. It's an experience I will always remember," said Jena Perugi, a member of hip hop club. 

This year, the theme for the mock rock was "back to the past, ignite the future." The theme referenced the importance of tradition at CMU. 

That theme inspired hall teams to perform routines that showed the progression of dances, Moana, post-graduation life and performances celebrating various social movements. The winner of the mock rock was Swerrill Hall – a combination of Sweeney and Merrill halls.

"It was so exhilarating, one of the best experiences of my life," Jena Kostal said after performing for Swerrill hall.