Quast-Lents celebrates campaign at kick-off party


Mount Pleasant Mayor Allison Quest-Lents, running for Democratic State Representative, speaks during her campaign kickoff, April 19, 2018, in downtown Mount Pleasant. 

With her infant daughter strapped to her chest, Mount Pleasant Mayor Allison Quast-Lents gave a speech at her campaign kick-off party for Michigan State House Representative for the 99th District, on April 19. 

Friends, family, fellow commissioners and other community members laughed and chanted along as she echoed the rhyming sentiment “which is why it makes sense to vote for Quast-Lents” several times throughout her speech. 

“With your help we can win this seat in November, which is why it makes sense to vote for Quast-Lents,” she said. 

The party was held at the old New Yorker building in Downtown Mount Pleasant and was adorned with blue and yellow balloons and decorations — the official colors of Quast-Lents' campaign. 

Her friend Chrissy Fleishman, who drove all the way from Maryland to support her, said the party embodied Quast-Lents in its casualness and local feel. 

Another friend of hers, Recia Crawford spoke on her behalf, claiming she was not only the right person for the job, but the best person. 

“I’ve seen Allison embrace and challenge hardship, working diligently to make sure things get better for everyone,” Crawford said. 

The party had a casual atmosphere, with community members mingling and networking. Allison talked to almost everyone who showed up, with her daughter in hand most of the time. 

House Democratic Floor Leader and Representative, Christine Greig, made an appearance at the party as well. 

“Things have got to change, and it can start right here, in the 99th District," Greig said in regard to state politics.

Also among the crowd was Fayetteville, North Carolina junior Ethan Hogan, who is part of an action team assisting Quast-Lents’ campaign. He was volunteering — collecting information from people who would like to help with the campaign.

“I love seeing a great turn out for great individuals, who will make a great difference for the State of Michigan,” Hogan said. “Michigan is not my home state — I come from a very Republican state, and now moving to a state where there’s potential to actually have great individuals who have democratic values in the House, is just awesome to work for.”