Academic Division changes start as reorganization enters year two


Ian Davison speaks on behalf of the Academic Reorganization Initiative during the Board of Trustees meeting in the Bovee University Center Lake Superior Room on Dec. 6.  Davison was recently named interim senior vice provost for academic affairs.

The Academic Organizational Review is entering its second year, and changes are being made in the Academic Division.

Provost Michael Gealt's plan to reorganize the Academic Division resulted in a new Office of Academic Affairs, created to help the university improve academic support. 

“Office of Academic Affairs was created to help improve consistency of support provided to students, faculty and staff; budgetary support; and program evaluation efficiency,” according to a University Communications press release. 

The Office of Academic Affairs eliminated its academic effectiveness and academic development units.

Now, Academic Affairs consists of five units including academic advising, community engagement, curriculum and instructional support, the honors program and International Affairs.

Academic advising plans to balance the level of support given to students. Michelle Howard serves as the executive director of academic advising and assistance.

The community engagement unit aims to accomplish goals related to the community listed in in the 2017-22 strategic plan.

According to the strategic plan, some of these goals include increasing “the number of faculty and staff serving on international, national, regional, state or local organizations related to their fields and/or on the boards of corporations and nonprofits." 

Marketing and hospitality services administration faculty member Concha Allen will act as the interim director of community engagement.

The curriculum and instructional support unit will be led by former Vice Provost for Academic Development Pete Ross.

“The new unit will lead curricular development, acting as the liaison with Academic Senate committees and working with departments to coordinate program review,” the press release said.

Previously serving as senior vice provost for the academic reorganization initiative, Ian Davison will now serve as the interim senior vice provost for academic affairs.

Jane Davison will remain as the acting dean of the College of Science and Engineering.

The College of Medicine has also undergone changes under the initiative.

The Dean of the College of Medicine, George Kikano, now has an expanded role.

“Kikano will be responsible for coordinating all health-related clinical programs, including clinical clerkships and internships, health-related billing, and HIPAA compliance across CMU,” the press release said.

Despite this shift, Tom Masterson, the dean of the College of Health Professions and Richard Rothaus, the dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will remain in charge of nonclinical internships and academic health-related programs in their colleges, according to the press release.