Jerry Hilliard to challenge incumbent Congressman Moolenaar


John Moolenaar (left) and Jerry Hilliard

This November incumbent John Moolenaar will face democrat Jerry Hilliard in the polls for U.S. representative of Michigan's 4th Congressional District. 

Hilliard is a democrat who labels himself as a progressive candidate advocating for Medicare for all and raising the Social Security income cap, according to his website.

“My main goal, with the help of labor unions and our democratic parties, as 4th District representative is to rebuild the middle class through pro-middle class policy legislation in economics, healthcare and labor law,” Hilliard said.

According to his website, Hilliard also supports “common sense gun policy and college debt forgiveness.” 

Another of Hilliard’s priorities is creating a stronger middle class.

“I am running for this office to be a public servant, not for my own personal gain," he said. "I picked the 4th Congressional District of Michigan because we had no one to run last cycle."

Before running for office, Hilliard taught economics and business at Mid-Michigan Community College and Lansing Community College. He also spent time teaching in Flint and Centreville, Virginia.

Hilliard has a Bachelor of Science degree in business education, physical education and biology from Central Michigan University. He also has a Master of Arts in sports administration from Central Michigan University. His master’s in business administration is from the University of Michigan.

Hilliard's endorsements include the Mid-Michigan Area Labor Council, Sheet Metal Workers International Local #7, UAW Local #652, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #557.

Moolenaar, U.S. representative since 2015, is currently a member on the House Committee on Appropriations, a committee responsible for passing appropriations bills along with its Senate counterpart, and is a member of the Republican Study Committee and the Republican Main Street Partnership. 

He is also the co-founder of the bipartisan Congressional Chemistry Caucus, which was created to educate members of Congress and the public about the benefit's of chemistry in society and its impact in our country. He currently serves as the caucus’ co-chair.

His past political experience includes serving the Michigan State Senate district 36 from 2011 to 2015 and the Michigan House of Representatives district 98.

Prior to working in state government, Moolenaar was a member of the Midland City Council from 1997 to 2000. 

Moolenaar’s website says he favors a market-based solution to healthcare issues, rather than Obamacare. 

“We can accomplish the kind of health care reform the American people want without having a government takeover of our health care system, without raising taxes or premiums and without forcing citizens to buy health insurance they don’t want or can't afford,” his website states.

He has also sponsored legislation like the Autocycle Safety Act, Native American Health Savings Improvement Act and the Safe Water and Nutrition Access Act.

Moolenaar earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Hope College and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard University.