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Low numbers attend 'turned up' Quinn XCII program board concert


Quinn XCII performs on Oct. 26 at McGuirk Arena.

McGuirk Arena could have been mistaken for the Wayside Central when electronic pop artist Quinn XCII performed Oct. 26 for the fall 2018 concert organized by Program Board.

White strobe lights flashed rapidly. A crowd danced on the floor. Crop tops, sleeveless shirts and skin-tight high-waisted jeans rolled up like capris were in abundance — as were men in preppy short-sleeved button-ups, snap-back hats and unbuttoned long-sleeve shirts. Attendees swayed their hips and formed a sea of arms waving in the air throughout the set.

It was in Quinn XCII’s time as a Michigan State University student that he originally started taking interest in creating music. 

Quinn XCII performs Oct. 26 at McGuirk Arena.

His first extended play “Change of Scenery” garnered millions of listeners. Ayokay’s “Kings of Summer,” featuring Quinn XCII, remained number one on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart for three consecutive weeks in 2016. Ayokay also opened the show for the pop artist.

Several rows of upper-level seats were left empty later in the concert.Seats in closer, more populated areas were also left unfilled. 

Ticket Central estimated 1,800 to 1,900 people showed up when doors opened in the arena. McGuirk Arena has a 5,300 person maximum capacity, but about half the arena was closed off for the concert. Ticket Central and Central Michigan University's Program Board will release a complete statement on attendance at an unspecified date.

“I was honestly surprised at the number of people,” Troy sophomore Katie Prebelich said. “He’s a pretty big name, so I would have thought there would have been a lot more students there.”

Prebelich was disappointed more people didn’t show up, emphasizing multiple times how much fun attendees had.

“It was such high energy and everyone was so excited to be there — just dancing around and having a good time,” Prebelich said.

Fans raise their hands and move to the beat on Oct. 26 at McGuirk Arena.

Prebelich particularly enjoyed when Quinn XCII played his popular songs and played “Flare Guns" during the encore.

“The atmosphere totally was turned up so much,” Prebelich said. “It was such a great way to end the night.”

Even Detroit sophomore William Hem, who said he was resistant to coming, enjoyed the concert. He said his friend E. Williams dragged him along.

“I thought it’d be boring,” Hem said. “It was a lot better than I thought it’d be.”

Madison Beatty, a senior from Grand Haven, was beaming when she left the venue.

“I loved it,” Beatty said. “(Quinn XCII is) like my Taylor Swift! I love him.”