EDITORIAL: New year, new you


Welcome back, Chippewas. 

It’s 2019. Some of you might be graduating this year, some of you might just be entering your second semester on campus, or some of you have reached the middle of your college career. 

It’s now a new year and as cliche as it is, it’s a new year for you to execute those goals you’ve been putting off. 

The best part about a new year is it’s a new semester. For those of you who might have done worse in classes than you wanted, or who became overworked with school, jobs and your social life, look at this semester as a new chapter in your life.

Anything is possible in these next five months of the semester, and the next 12 months of the year — so make them count.

Is there a Registered Student Organization on campus you’ve always wanted to join? Now is your time. Did you want to work toward a higher GPA? Time to hit the books. Did you want a semester of more relaxing and focusing on your mental health? You can start now.

Believe in yourself and your goals. Our campus has many resources to help you succeed, so utilize them. Stop procrastinating or making excuses. Make 2019 the year that you are your best self. 

At the beginning of every year, the Student Activity Center to flood with students the first few weeks back and declines once February hits. Don’t let your new year resolutions fail after you reach the three-week point. Make them habits. 

College is stressful. It isn’t easy. We all know this. But it’s supposed to be a journey that includes enjoyment along the way, so make sure your resolutions integrate that happiness into your life.

Make this semester, and this year, the best one yet.