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Isabella Cat Clinic believes that 'every life matters'

Dr. Cathy Lindstrand cleans Blacky's ears at the Isabella Cat Clinic on Thursday, Jan. 24.

Veterinary physician Catherine Lindstrand moved to Mount Pleasant in 1994 after practicing in Charles Town, West Virginia doing small animal relief work. She opened the Isabella Cat Clinic four years later.

The clinic used to occupy a space near the Mount Pleasant Meijer but was moved to 1635 E Broomfield Road last year to double its square footage. The cat-only clinic is always kept quiet and tranquil without other animals. Lindstrand believes this environment is less stressful for the cats and expedites recovery.

Client Penny Apsitis is confident that the cat clinic is the best option for her cat, Mr. Daisy, and said she is always treated with respect by the veterinarians and staff. 

Lindstrand recommends pet owners visit a veterinary clinic at least once a year, because an animal may have a problem that the owners were never aware of. 

“Just the other day some students brought in a cat they had just adopted for a wellness check,” Lindstrand said. “The cat ended up having a terrible ear infection that we were able to treat.” 

The facility offers a variety of services such as hospitalization, dentistry, grooming and microchipping. 

Isabella Cat Clinic is one of the only facilities in mid-Michigan to offer animal laser surgery. All surgeries, including declaws, spays and neuters are done with the laser. Lindstrand said a cat that gets declawed using laser surgery can be up and walking within thirty minutes.  

Lindstand specializes in animal acupuncture, a medicinal practice more commonly used on humans, originating from ancient China. The treatment involves inserting thin needles into a specific point on the body. Lindstrand claims it’s great for treating diseases that involve inflammation such as pancreatitis, inflammatory bowel disorder, and various joint infections. 

While the cat clinic has a feline-only policy, Lindstrand has successfully performed acupuncture on dogs and horses as well. 

Susan Renaud visits the clinic whenever she finds a stray cat near her property. Over the past decade, Renaud has brought about 20 cats to the clinic to get spayed and neutered, in hopes to remedy the stray population in Mount Pleasant.  

“I trust Dr. Lindstrand more than any other vet," Renaud said. “You can tell she is an expert and cares for all of them.” 

Printed on a wall of the clinics lab and recovery area is the slogan, “Every life matters.” Lindstrand said she adopted the phrase while running a wildlife shelter while attending veterinary college. She was often summoned to the dean’s office after spending hundreds on healing animals like crows or starlings. 

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a hamster, it doesn’t matter if it’s a sparrow,” said Lindstrand, “every life is important to me.” 

While her operation is small Lindstrand is happy with the work her clinic has accomplished. In the future she hopes to add another doctor and increase staff size to keep up with patients. 

Pet owners can book an appointment or seek veterinary advice by accessing the clinic’s website and frequently updated Facebook page, or calling (989) 779-2700.