EDITORIAL: Looking back one year later — March 2 shooting made us a stronger campus


A year ago, our campus was scared. It was confused. We were mourning the deaths of two people. We were stunned that a shooting happened on our quiet campus, in our close community.   

Suddenly, our Central Michigan University was the center of attention for national media. More than 100 police agencies descended on CMU providing help and security.

The killing of James Davis Sr. and Diva Davis by their son, James Eric Davis Jr., on March 2, 2018, was something Chippewas never expected to experience on their campus.

In the time while students were packing – excited to leave for spring break – our campus became home to a tragedy. Because of that day, and how we responded to it as a community, our campus is a stronger, safer, more sensitive place. 

What happened that day was devastating. Looking back on that day, we should be proud of how things were handled and coordinated. Our police department, and university, were prepared. They had an emergency response plan in place years before. They had the training. They prepared, as Police Chief Bill Yeagley stated, for when something like that happened rather than if it could happen. 

The CMU Police Department and the university did their jobs that day. We’re thankful for that. If we haven't stated it before, thank you for your response that day.

While CMU and police were prepared for such an emergency, we as students, faculty and staff could be better prepared for when it happens again. On the cmich.edu Emergency Management webpage, there are plans and procedures in place in case of emergencies. The site contains information about what people should do when facing situations such as an active shooter, medical emergency, severe weather, a fire, bomb threat and exposure to hazardous materials. 

We urge you to look through these and educate yourself on what to do if you’re ever put in one of these dangerous situations. The next time there is an emergency on campus you might be the person who can make a difference. 

The Emergency Management page also gives tips on evacuation and shelter in place, as well as emergency action plans for every building on campus.

Our campus has the resources to ensure safety and pre-planning, so make sure you utilize them. It is in your best interest to know what to do if this ever happens here. 

And like we said on that day, and continue to say: We are #CMUStrong.