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Ian Elliott faces second sexual assault charge

Ian Elliott walks into the courtroom on Feb. 12 in the Isabella County Courthouse.

Former Central Michigan University student and Student Government Association president Ian Elliott was arraigned March 4 for a second sexual assault case. 

Elliott is charged with criminal sexual conduct of the third degree (oral penetration). Attorney General Dana Nessel's office found "sufficient evidence," according to a press release from the office. Elliott's first pre-trial is on March 14. 

Elliott is already facing trial on two counts of criminal sexual conduct of the third degree and one count of assault with intent to commit penetration. The victim who filed the second case testified as a witness in the preliminary examination of another case against Elliott on Feb. 13, which is going to trial. Elliott accused of sexually assaulting CMU graduate student Rachel Wilson on Aug. 31, 2016 after meeting her at The Cabin.

At the Feb. 13 hearing, CMU alumna Landrea Blackmore, 22, shared her story about an incident with Elliott that took place in 2014. 

Blackmore told the court she had known Elliott since high school, where they met through a leadership camp. When Blackmore began attending CMU, she said she became close with Elliott and would frequently hang out together. Blackmore, who was in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority, recounted a time where she was at Elliott’s fraternity house, Phi Kappa Tau.

On Nov. 15, 2014, Blackmore said she attended a “black light party” at the PKT house. She said she drank before the event and described her level of intoxication as “pretty strong” at the time. Blackmore recalled she saw Elliott at the party, where the two talked in the living room and kissed.

The two went to a room upstairs in the house. She told the court she trusted Elliott and looked up to him as a mentor. When the two entered a bedroom, they sat on the bed and began talking. Blackmore described her “boundaries” at this time in her life, which included the fact that she was not comfortable doing anything sexually to a man. 

Recounting the incident, Blackmore said Elliott shut the door and locked it. He began kissing her and expressed that he wanted her to perform oral sex on him. Blackmore told the court she responded to Elliott by saying she didn’t want to, and she had never done it before. 

Sitting on the stand, Blackmore told the court after she refused Elliott’s request, he became “very persistent.” Blackmore said Elliot told her he was her friend and he could teach her. Blackmore told the court she said “no” more than five times to Elliott that night. Elliott became aggressive, she testified. His tone changed and he was intimidating. He then exposed himself to her, took his hand and put it around her neck, and began to apply force while he put his penis in her mouth. 

Becoming emotional on the stand, Blackmore said in that moment, she became concerned, feeling “scared and confused.”

“I felt terrified and frozen,” Blackmore said.

To try to make him stop, Blackmore said she tried things like choking and using her teeth. When he finally got up, Blackmore said she walked out and was hysterically crying. In the days following, Blackmore recalled Elliott reaching out to her, asking if she was OK and said he didn’t remember what happened. 

Blackmore eventually reported the incident to Elliott’s fraternity, which led to his dismissal.

Elliott's preliminary exam will take place on March 21 in Isabella County Trial Court.


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