Discovery Museum continues to engage community with new leadership


Lisa Phelps, executive director of the Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum, poses for a photo Sept. 12. Phelps has been working with the nonprofit since 2012.

The Mount Pleasant Discovery Museum looks like a child’s paradise. 

The large indoor space boasts a water table and fun activities for youngsters to do, giving them an opportunity to run around and explore. The museum offers a space for parents and caregivers to engage with their children in play, relaxation, exploration and learning. 

Lisa Phelps, new executive director of the Discovery Museum, carries passion into her work.

When Phelps, a CMU alumna, first heard about the Discovery Museum as a stay-at-home mom in 2012, she knew she had to be involved. 

“I felt like there was nothing to do in this town for kids but go to the park, and I'd been to places like this with my kids in other communities,” she said. “It really lit a fire in me that this community needs this.”

Phelps has worked with the Discovery Museum since its beginnings. She began helping wherever help was needed by picking up toys and working on the floor. She gradually moved her way up in leadership, serving various areas in the Museum such as operations, payroll, bookkeeping and budgeting. She began her role as executive director two weeks ago. 

“It’s been incredible to watch this come to fruition,” she said.  

The positive and fun atmosphere of the Discovery Museum manifests in the staff. Phelps expressed gratitude for her incredible team who make the Discovery Museum a place of connection and joy. 

“Everyone pitches in and does what needs to be done. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them,” Phelps said. 

Phelps and her team are focused on filling the calendar with events to provide a space for the community to engage with their children, even when life gets busy. The Annual Day of Play is their biggest event of the year, where they partner with Morey Courts Recreation Center. In 2018, over 1000 people attended. 

“You always see kids with a smile on their face,” said Gracie Grim, staff member. 

The Discovery Museum is always looking for volunteers and interns to assist them in their mission. More information can be found on the museum website.