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Program Board now accepting e-board applications


Program Board is now accepting applications for its executive board for the 2020-21 school year. 

All positions are available for individuals to apply for. These positions include president, vice president, lecture director, film director, special events director, comedy director, concert director, digital marketing director and marketing and public relations director. 

Those interested in applying for president and vice president must apply by 5 p.m. March 4. Other positions will be opened on March 16 and must be applied to by 5 p.m. March 27. All positions can be applied to through Program Board’s Engage Central page. 

Each position will serve a one-year term. Those who join should expect a “hardworking environment that thrives off of building community among each other,” Program Board President Madison Mariles said. 

E-board members must spend four hours a week in the organization’s office, attend two weekly meetings and attend eight Program Board events each semester. 

All students are welcome to apply, and there are no requirements for those interested. 

“A common misconception is we look for people who are majoring in certain fields -- while we have a lot of students who are in event management or marketing programs, we don't limit our applications to just those students,” Mariles said.

Mariles stresses the program's desire for a variety of students to apply. Program Board is looking for members involved on campus to bring new, diverse ideas to its e-board.

“We are looking for people who know how to manage their time, are hard-working and come from different areas of campus," Mariles said. "Having people from different backgrounds on e-board allows everyone to program more effectively and with intent, which then creates more well-rounded experiences for e-board members planning programs and students attending those programs.”