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Multiple COVID-19 cases associated with 'CMU community'


The Central Michigan University seal sits in front of Warriner Hall Aug. 25 on CMU's campus.

As COVID-19 numbers began to rise again in Michigan, Central Michigan University today announced seven positive cases associated with the "campus community."

"Based on (Center for Disease Control) guidance, CMU has operated at an extremely reduced capacity over the past three months, limiting the number of individuals reporting to work and living on campus," said George Kikano, vice president of health afffairs, in a June 25 email to students and staff. "This has resulted in no positive cases of COVID-19 within our campus community since March 26, until just recently when we learned of seven positive cases."

However, Central Michigan District Health Department Public Information Officer Melissa DeRoche stated nine total COVID cases – including two reported in March –are associated with CMU as of this afternoon.

President Bob Davies said in order to respect the privacy of students, staff and faculty, only people who may have had contact with someone who tested positive with COVID-19 will be notified.

"One of the things we need to remember is that we are dealing with people and people have the right to privacy," Davies said. "We will report total cases. We will not get involved with specific demographics, for example students, faculty and staff."

The university will be working with the District Health Department and other campus groups to develop a strong contact tracing system.

"You will be contacted only if you are identified through contact tracing as having come into close contact with someone who has COVID-19," Kikano said in the email. "Please protect the anonymity of the individuals who test positive for COVID-19. If you are aware of their identities, please respect their privacy, so they can focus fully on their health and the care they need."

Kikano stressed the importance of washing your hands, wearing a face covering and monitoring possible symptoms.

"Individuals on campus who are not symptomatic but would like to be tested can find testing sites at the Michigan COVID-19 Test Finder," Kikano said in the email. "If you test positive for coronavirus, no matter where you are tested, immediately notify CMU Health by emailing"