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Whitmer reopens state, Mount Pleasant city manager discusses city's reopening

The city of Mount pleasant releases an updated outline of city operations that are still up and running during the COVID-19 outbreak

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer lifted the stay-at-home order for the entire state and announced that Michigan is entering Phase Four of the six-phase "Michigan Safe Start Plan."

That means Mount Pleasant's curbside recycling pick-up will be restored June 8, according to City Manager Nancy Ridley. Other city services such as water, waste, police, and fire departments remained opened throughout the stay-at-home order.

"We have still not made a decision about organized outdoor activities," said city manager Nancy Ridley. "It comes down to whether we can assure the sanitation practices in restroom facilities and that social distancing guidelines will be met."

As far as opening the city's restaurants and retail stores, those decisions will be up to the individual business owners. On May 26, city commissioners approved a temporary measure allowing businesses to host outdoor service and activities. 

"As restrictions are being lifted in the state, and more industries are being allowed to open, we are seeing more instances where limitations are being placed on those businesses, quite frequently on occupancy levels and how they can contact their business," Ridley said during the meeting. 

Due to social distancing, many operations will be operating at significantly less than full capacity. The commissioner's decision will allow businesses to add additional occupancy outside the building to accommodate more customers.

The resolution expedites the process of obtaining permits for outside business activities. Fees for outdoor dining, merchandising and tents are waived under this resolution.

According to the "Michigan Safe Start Plan," Phase Four occurs when "cases, hospitalizations and deaths are clearly declining."

During Phase Four restaurants and retail stores may reopen with capacity limits and small gatherings are allowed. Individuals can go into their offices and places of work if necessary, but teleworking is required if possible. 

Social distancing and facial coverings are still required.

Retail stores can be reopened to customers on June 4. Restaurants can reopen dine-in services June 8. Individuals are still required to practice social distancing and wear facial coverings in these establishments.

Whitmer said gyms, hair salons, tattoo parlors and (non-Native American) casinos will remain closed because "they require close contact with customers."

The Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort reopened at June 1 with new COVID-19 safety guidelines. For more information on the reopening and guidelines read their “Play It Safe” page.

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