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Crime log: Intoxicated driver crosses centerline near police car


A Mount Pleasant Police Department car sits outside Walmart on Dec. 12.

The following incidents were among those handled by Mount Pleasant Police Department from June 18 to June 31.

June 18

Officers were called to a house on South Kinney Street at 11 p.m. for a possible domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers found a father and a son in the household fighting. It was clear that the 31-year-old son had been drinking alcohol that evening. The father's upper lip was cut and it was bleeding when police arrived, however he denied medical attention. Both father and son explained that this happened because the father was “letting him have it” and the son was “sick of his dad being rude”. 

The father was sitting down and the son was trying to grab him out of it. Once the father was up, the suspect son's brother jumped in between them to keep him from harming their father. The father ended up on the ground and the suspect son ended up on top of him. The brother was able to push the suspect son off of his father. The suspect son was arrested and taken to Isabella County Jail for domestic violence.

June 21

Officers were called at 1:12 p.m. to a house on Henry Street for a possible suicide. The man had been missing for a few days, so the family went to his house to check on him and found him in his bedroom, deceased. The man's death was ruled a suicide.  

June 26

Officer stopped a vehicle for going over the centerline towards the officer's vehicle and speeding on East High Street. Upon first contact with the driver, a 25-year-old Sumner man, it was apparent that he had been drinking. The officer then conducted a sobriety test for the man, which he failed. The officer then had him use a Breathalyzer, which showed he had a blood alcohol content of 0.14 percent, almost twice the legal limit. 

He was then arrested and taken to Isabella County Jail for operating while intoxicated. 

June 29

An off-duty animal control officer observed a dog in a hot vehicle on Mission Street for over 15 minutes, so he called the police. When the officers arrived around 7 p.m. they noticed that the dog was in distress. The outside temperature was over 80 degrees and inside the car was found to be 108 degrees. 

One hour after initial observation, officers requested a tow company to unlock the vehicle. The dog was then put into an air conditioned patrol vehicle and transported to the animal shelter. The officers waited a while longer for the owner to return to the vehicle and spoke to him about the situation. 

A report of animal cruelty was filed and turned over to the Prosecutor’s office for review.