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SGA amends constitution and Outreach begins subtitle work


Senior Yvon Bergner, top right, discusses his previous work on the subtitle legislation during SGA's Outreach committee meeting on Monday, Sept. 14.

Pandemic affected legislation cropped up in Central Michigan University's Student Government Association once again on Sept. 14.

The Outreach Committee began work during its meeting on legislation that would push the university to add subtitles to its videos on YouTube. 

With YouTube announcing plans to remove closed-captioning done by users, CMU would have to add their own subtitles, said senior Yvon Bergner, who was the last semester's Outreach committee chair and original author of the legislation.

"If a professor, who had a transcriptor online, can (transcribe) so easily, then (University Communications) should as well," Bergner said. "Pushing it now would be beneficial especially during (the COVID-19 pandemic)."

The legislation was in the process of being researched and had early drafting done, but was put on hold due to the pandemic in March, he said.

Other business

SGA approved changes to the bylaws and constitution during the General Board meeting. Some changes include the Membership Director and Press Secretary being condensed into the Director of Internal Affairs, a new project coordinator and athletic director positions, and an equity officer.

Constitutional changes must be approved by the student body. Students can vote here until Wednesday at 11:45 p.m.

In addition to approving the bylaws and constitution, the Student Budget Allocation Committee's general board and student-at-large members were approved. 

Also, the budget was amended by removing the stipend of the Student Body Treasurer due to work visas regarding international students being affected by federal regulations, according to the legislation drafted by SGA President Kaitlyn Prebelich and Vice President Brett Houle. The amendment called for $700 to be given to committees, $200 towards membership, and $100 towards office supplies.

In the House, the SBAC Hardship committee was confirmed as well as House Pro Tempore Brandon McDonald.