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Parcel B construction underway; everything you need to know


Parcel B construction site as of Oct. 25, 2020.

Downtown Mount Pleasant is expanding as construction for a new mixed-use building is underway and is expected to be finalized by Fall 2021. 

The 50,000 square-foot, L-shaped building will contain apartments and the new location of GreenTree Cooperative Grocery. The building also has space for an additional business, which is not yet been leased. 

A drawing of the proposed mixed-use building at 410 W. Broadway. Courtesy Photo | Michigan Community Capital

Lansing-based nonprofit, Michigan Community Capital (MCC) purchased the land next to city hall known as "Parcel B" with the intent to develop a commercial and residential building. 

City Manager Nancy Ridley said the city has been interested in filling the empty lot for years. The project is a piece of the multi-million dollar West Broadway Revitalization project. Officials believe the building has the potential to benefit multiple facets of the community. 

“We believe this mixed-use structure has the potential to have a positive impact for all of the downtown,” Ridley said. “You would have more residents that are utilizing the downtown businesses and a grocery store that helps all of the other residents that live in the downtown area as well.”

Living Spaces

The building will have 48 apartments -- either one-bedroom, two-bedroom and studio available for rent. Individuals can qualify for income-certified apartments which are priced lower for those who make 80 percent or under the area's median income.

Residents can expect stainless steel appliances including a dishwasher, washer and dryer inside of units. There is also an option to have certain pets.

“We have very similar units to these that are open right now in Cadillac, and because we built them with tall ceilings and large windows, they’ve been very popular because even though they are smaller they feel more spacious and bright,” Michigan Community Capital Vice President of Investments Marilyn Crowley said. 

MCC is not able to lease apartments until 60 days prior to the grand opening. If individuals are interested in being put on a contact list, they can visit MCC’s website

GreenTree's New Home

GreenTree will move from its current location at 214 North Franklin St. once Parcel B is complete.

Marketing and Owner Services Manager Laura Coffee said GreenTree will make up 75 percent of the building’s ground floor. Meaning the new space is four times larger than the property on Franklin Street.

“We’re definitely expecting an increase in our customer count which should bring more shoppers and more people in general to downtown which will be beneficial to all of the businesses as well as the parks,” Coffee said.

GreenTree is expecting some new additions including indoor seating, a large full-service deli and expanding the selection of local products. GreenTree has close ties to local farmers in Mount Pleasant. Coffee said with its new location, the business plans to expand these relationships. 

“Individual farmers come in when we are unloading individual trucks and talking to them,” Coffee said. “The amount of stuff we choose to buy in the winter affects what they plant in the spring. We have very close relationships with these producers and farmers. We can tell you about them and get a hold of them.”

With these expansions, GreenTree Cooperative Grocery is doubling its staff. The majority of hiring for these positions will be completed prior to this new building’s opening, Coffee said. 

The "Missing Middle"

The mixed-use building doesn't just add to the city skyline, it provides options for middle-income housing that Mount Pleasant has needed for years. Commissioners sometimes refer to this concept as the "missing-middle." 

“The apartments would be available for individuals in the community like young professionals or individuals that maybe don’t have families yet,” Ridley said. “We saw it an opportunity to meet an unmet need in the community for a different housing style.”

The expected prices and square footage of the 48 apartments will include: 

  • Studio apartments at 432 square-feet. ranging between $785 to $895 a month depending on the unit. There are six studio apartments with three being income-certified at $785 a month. 
  • One-bedroom apartments at 540 square-feet for $995 a month. There are 30 apartments, with 15 that are income-certified costing $838 a month. 
  • Two-bedroom apartments at 720 square-feet for $1,295 a month. There are 12 apartments, with six that are income-certified costing $1,006 a month. 

Crowley says that the project “could not happen without Mount Pleasant’s support.” 

“We based what we were going to do off of what the community had given (for) the input on the scale and the use,” Crowley said. “I would say that we did everything we could to implement the visioning that had been done by the city before we got there.”