Mount Pleasant election results: Will Joseph, Olivia Cyman win commission seats

Olivia Cyman, left, and Will Joseph secured two Mount Pleasant City Commission seats Nov. 4.

Mount Pleasant voters elected Will Joseph and Olivia Cyman to the city commission for three-year terms from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2023. 

On Nov. 3, voters decided who would fill two city commission seats, with commissioners Kristin LaLonde and Joseph’s terms ending. LaLonde chose not to seek reelection. 

According to, election turnout was 71 percent,  with 7,796 out of 11,019 registered voters. The city commission race results were:

  1. Joshua Agardy - 1,716 votes
  2. Olivia Cyman - 3,172 votes
  3. Barry DeLau - 2,352 votes
  4. Will Joseph - 2,755 votes

Olivia Cyman, 23, came to Mount Pleasant in 2015 to attend Central Michigan University. Cyman has participated in the Student Government Association (SGA) at CMU as a house representative, senator and elections director.

This is Cyman's first term as Mount Pleasant City Commissioner. She works at PNC Bank located at 1419 S. Mission St. Cyman, is hoping to bring a new perspective on issues affecting Mount Pleasant.

“I am just really excited to bring a fresh, young voice to the commission,” Cyman said. “One of the biggest issues I would like to see worked on more in Mount Pleasant is affordable housing, more access to housing, employment, opportunity, wealth and growth for everyone in Mount Pleasant." 

Even though this is her first time on the city commission, she plans to speak up for what she believes in.

“I’m excited to learn - I’ve been in leadership positions before and I know that I am not afraid to be firm and stand up for what I believe is right even when it's not a popular decision,” Cyman said. 

Will Joseph has been a part of Mount Pleasant's City Commission for nearly three years after being elected in 2017. For the past two years, Joseph has served as mayor. Prior to serving on the city commission, he served on the city's planning commission. 

Joseph is also a former CMU student and served four years in SGA.

With this reelection, Joseph wants to continue to deal with the city's "immediate challenges." He wants to ensure safety for the city and keep businesses open during COVID-19.

He thanked Mount Pleasant for its support and promised to "continue to work for you." 

"It's a great honor and it's a unique opportunity (being on city commission)," Joseph said. "Every day it presents new challenges and exciting things to learn, and I'm just grateful to have an opportunity to do it for three more years."