Pandemic pastimes: Stay entertained indoors with these websites

Screenshot of twoseven website.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise both nationally and here at Central Michigan University, people might be staying more and more at home.

At this point into the pandemic, people might be struggling to find new things to do online. For this installment of Pandemic Pastimes, Central Michigan Life explores activities students can do online.


Anyone on campus in a long-distanced relationship of any kind might have some use with this website. Twoseven allows two or more people to hold watch parties over the internet. It was built by a couple who were in a long-distanced relationship, according to the website.

Videos automatically sync together so people do not have to count down together to do so. People can watch videos on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Vimeo, along with videos in their personal files and ones around the web.


This is one for music nerds. JQBX is an online platform that allows people to create public and private rooms where people can be DJs and play music. People can do this with friends or strangers online and discover new music. There are already many rooms created on the platform centered around different genres and moods.

JQBX is integrated with Spotify and is available on browser and as a mobile app.

Map Crunch

Due to the pandemic, many people are not traveling. Luckily, it is easier than ever to explore the world over the internet. Map Crunch plops people in a random location on Google street View.

To use it, hit the Go button or narrow down the countries that the site will generate. The best views capture will be posted to a gallery every day.