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Banned fraternity cancels rush week events after soliciting recruitment on campus


The house listed on the Phi Sigma Phi recruitment flyer stands on 1002 S. Washington on Feb. 12, 2021. A sign saying "Home of the Phi Sigs" is on the front porch with a sword and shield crest in the middle.

Phi Sigma Phi, a fraternity banned by Central Michigan University in 2018, is still operating and is attempting to recruit students this semester.

Administrators banned the fraternity after an investigation revealed allegations of sexual assault and hazing. Complaints filed against PSP ranged from the reported sexual assault of a woman in a bathroom by multiple men to circulation of non-consensual pornography.

About one week ago, flyers circulated around campus advertising PSP-hosted Rush Week events. One of the events was scheduled at a house, the other event was scheduled at Wayside Central.

Wayside Central owner John Hunter said managers were told that someone named Alex wanted to host an event. After learning that the RSO wasn't affiliated with the university anymore, Hunter immediately canceled the event.

"They made it seem like this was some sort of new recruitment that any fraternity would do," Hunter said. "I think they ordered four pizzas, which tells you the size of the group that they were expecting."

If students receive an invitation from a student organization they don't recognize, they should check CMU's list of RSOs that are suspended or banned, said Molly Schuneman, Assistant Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life.

"Organizations that are on that list have had their recognition revoked by the institution for various reasons, including such things as hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, risk management violations and failure to comply with university policies and expectations," Schuneman said. 

Luanne Goffnett, Residence Hall Director of Robinson and Calkins, said that door-to-door solicitation is against Residence Life policy.

The house on PSP's flyer is located at 1002 S. Washington. Laying on the front porch was a sign reading "Home of the Phi Sigs" with a crest featuring a circle in the center and two swords bisecting it. According to city charter, a student organization not associated with the university cannot display any letters or iconography of their organization.

While the university revoked its recognition of PSP, the national chapter has not removed the CMU chapter's charter, said Shawn Head, PSP National Director of Crisis and Risk Management. The organization is still seeking a hearing on the accusations against the CMU chapter, he said. 

Suing the university is "always a possibility," though they haven't taken any action yet, Head said.

Interim Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services Tony Voisin said PSP is on its own since the fraternity is no longer affiliated with CMU. The university has no intention of reconciling with the fraternity, he said.

"The issue is done and over ... regardless of what PSP's national organization is indicating," Voisin said.

Comment was requested from the student whose phone number is on the flyer. The person who answered the phone, Alex, said that the events were canceled and "changed to something else." Alex refused to respond to questions about who they were or what the events were changed to. 

The PSP Instagram page removed an image of the flyer. The only Rush Week post left on the page asked students to direct message two accounts for event information.