New Green Tree location to open in October

Green Tree Cooperative Grocery staff visit the construction site of the new location on 410 W Broadway. Photo courtesy of Laura Coffee

Construction continues on the new location for Green Tree Cooperative Grocery which is set to open in late Oct. The sustainable grocery store is moving from 214 N Franklin Street to 410 W Broadway where the retail space will be approximately 5x the size of the current space. The bigger space means the layout of the store will be more open and easier to navigate. 

The new location will have an expanded fresh food section, deli and indoor seating where students and community members can enjoy the space, according to Marketing Director Laura Coffee. There will also be a dedicated parking lot and bike rack. 

“We're definitely going to continue our focus on local,” Coffee said. “So that will remain unchanged. There are some exciting new features that we're hoping to add that we're almost confirmed on, but it's just going to have to be a little bit of a surprise yet.”

Coffee encourages students to visit the bulk selection where shoppers can buy based on the amount they need.

“That's often going to be a better deal for college students,” Coffee said. “Even if, say, the flour costs a little more per pound, you could just buy a cup and a half for that one recipe instead of trying to buy and store a five pound bag in a space that makes that difficult to accommodate.”

Every Friday, Green Tree offers a five percent discount to students so they can have access to natural and organic food that is affordable.

Green Tree is a cooperative, which means it is owned by nearly 3,000 people in Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas. Customers do not have to join the co-op in order to shop however.