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Chemical smell from Bovee University Center causes building closure

Students order Starbucks next to the makeshift area where renovations of Burrito Bowl are beginning, May 3, Bovee University Center. Thanks to the renovations that are happening, which are also happening in the Down Under Food Court, a large part of the UC has been walled off to keep people safe and prevent dust from going everywhere.

Following the identification of a chemical smell in the Bovee University Center, the building has been closed until midweek. Associate Director of Executive Communications Ari Harris said the smell was traced to products being used by an external contractor working in the building.

On Thursday at 12:15 p.m., University Communications sent an email to the Central Michigan University community stating the building was closed and all offices and retail spaces would be closed until the next day. The issue was first identified as a “construction issue.” 

Later in the day, the issue was identified as a “concerning chemical smell” in another email sent at 8:17 p.m.. Harris said some employees “reported symptoms such as headaches or lightheadedness.” 

An environmental consultant was hired to further assess the issue and the building will remain closed until the investigation is completed. Employees who work within the building have been instructed to contact their supervisors for additional instruction.