Behind Enemy Lines: Robert Morris reporter Colby Sherwin discusses CMU game

Robert Morris head football coach Bernard Clark Jr. addresses his team before a game.

Central Michigan Life's Christian Booher spoke with Colonial Sports Network staff writer Colby Sherwin to preview Central Michigan's game against the Colonials at Kelly/Shorts Stadium. 

Robert Morris was 0-3 in an abbreviated 2021 spring season. Bernard Clark Jr. is entering his fourth season as the head coach of the Colonials. RMU was forced to cancel its season opener against Dayton due to roster issues as a result of positive coronavirus tests within the program. 

CMU and RMU have never played. 

Sherwin discussed quarterback George Martin, the impact of the coaching staff and more in this exclusive Q&A. 

What is there to know about Robert Morris heading into its season opener? 

I'd say they're like a team of mystery, almost. They played three games last year. They competed with James Madison, who's one of the best teams in the country at the FCS level, and other times they would get blown out. They try to pass a lot but I would say they're more of a running team. They're not really that big, so RMU's kind of just there, almost. But they can compete with a lot of teams. 

Though the spring season was short, just three games, what were some of the takeaways from it?

I was really impressed with the coaching. As I said earlier, they were competing with some of the best teams in the country. He's got a good program, the guys buy in a lot. They might not be the most talented, they may not have the most hype, but they buy in and they play hard. 

What is there to know about quarterback George Martin, and what does he bring to the offense? 

George is a great leader, he commands the huddle really well. He's great in the locker room. Sometimes he struggles with his accuracy, but he has good pocket presence. He can really command the field. I think, if George stays calm, hits his throws he's supposed to, they could compete in this one. 

Who are some other playmakers fans should be aware of?

On offense, George is the guy that, they're gonna go as far as he takes them. Coaching is huge for this team as well. They're definitely an interesting team. Defense, it's gonna be Tavin Harville, he's a defensive back. He's a leader for the defensive side of the ball. He's been able to put up some numbers, so Martin and Hayville are kind of the guys.

Do you have a score prediction? 

CMU 21, RMU 10