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SGA divides members into committees at Sept. 27 meeting


Members of the Student Government Association divided into committees for the year in its Sept. 27 meeting. 

SGA split into five committees: Diversity, Sustainability, Government Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Outreach/Special Events.

“Each committee has a committee leader. Many of them are in this position again for a second term, so were just kind of leaving it up to their discretion to plan those events and do what they want,” Vice President Dylan Baker said.

Committee heads led some icebreaker games, then went over expectations for committee members and collaborated to create lists of goals for the year. 

“We have cabinet meetings and at those meetings we go over each committee's goals, what they’ve been doing in their committees, and how we can all work together to support what they’re thinking about doing.”

Some of the changes SGA wants to implement this year include sharing study tips with students, creating more engagement between SGA and students through social media, and finding more ways to include the whole student body to create a lasting impact on the community. 

Lauren Hull chose to join the government affairs committee. 

“I think I’ve really fallen in love with local government because it has such a big influence on your life,” Hull said. “I’m here because I think it’s really important.”

Next week, SGA will take a vote to approve new constitutional bylaws for the association.