New city manager runs first city commission meeting, officials deliberate mental health police program

Mount Pleasant City Commission Zoom meeting on Nov. 8, 2021.

Mount Pleasant City Commission held its first meeting under new city manager Aaron Desentz on Nov. 8.

Commissioners cheered on Desentz for a quick, efficient first meeting.

"I would like to welcome Aaron," Commissioner Mary Alsager said. "It’s great to have you onboard."

The commission also discussed the updated contract with R.I.S.E. Advocacy, Inc. for mental health services assistance.

Mental Health Worker Contract

Since the commission's previous discussion of the contract with R.I.S.E., the contract language was amended. An administrative fee was realized and staff wanted to make the proper adjustment, Desentz said. The new total will now be $77,760. Of those funds, $72,000 will be in wages to the mental health professional and $5,760 will account for the administrative fee.

Commissioners were open to the change and praised Director of Public Safety Paul Lauria for his dedication to the project.

"I know that he worked very hard with this proposal and did some work to make it fit in the budget," Mayor Will Joseph said. "The commission is very impressed and happy to see this going forward and we hope to see this make an impact."

"I think this is way overdue and well-needed, and it will help our officers out in the field," Commissioner Petro Tolas said.

The motion passed 7-0.

Additional Announcements

Joseph encouraged citizens to protect themselves as Michigan heads into its winter months.

"If you haven’t gotten your booster or flu shot I think the community would really appreciate you taking those steps to protect your friends, neighbors and community," Joseph said. "As we get into the colder months it’s really important."

Joseph also encouraged citizens to get involved in the community and seek volunteer opportunities as need increases during the winter and holiday months.