CMU to host annual Make-A-Pitch event


CMU is hosting its annual Make-A-Pitch event Dec. 7 at 5:30 p.m. in the Grawn Atrium. 

Make-A-Pitch is an event presented by the Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship. It serves as an opportunity for students to present a 2-minute venture idea to a panel of judges in order to get feedback and recognition for their pitch. It is a competitive event, therefore, the top three pitches that are selected as winners will be receiving a cash prize. 

The event is free for anyone that wishes to attend, however, for those interested in participating next fall, only CMU students are allowed to participate. Furthermore, long distance students are able to register as well. 

The virtual session for long distance students will be Dec. 6 and their pitch will be judged the following day alongside the other competing students at the Make-A-Pitch event. 

If students that are interested missed this opportunity, there is a similar event in the upcoming spring semester called New Venture. It is fairly similar to Make-a-Pitch in regards to students presenting their pitch ideas to judges. However, it is showcased on an even bigger platform to gain coverage for students to participate in. 

Student Assistant at Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship, Kaye Reimers, stresses that,

“If you’re a fashion student, or STEM, or teaching, anything; if you want to start your own business one day, this is really just an opportunity to get as much experience. You will be presenting in front of people and you'll get valuable feedback. And so you can sharpen your presentation skills and gain new ideas on your venture. And it’ll also just look really good on a resume.”

Ideas for pitches are not limited. Students may present ideas about anything, whether it is a new business, a new product or a new service. These events do not limit creativity. In fact, it is encouraged. 

For more information contact Program Manager Julie Baker,