OWLs announces name change to promote inclusion, effective Fall 2022

Oxford senior Lindsey Rancilio performs in the OWLs body positivity fashion show for OWLs Women's Empowerment Week in the French Auditorium, Education and Human Services Hall on Wednesday, Nov. 17.

In a social media post on Jan. 12, the Organization of Women Leaders (OWLS) announced they will change their name to the Feminist Leaders on Campus (FLOC).

The organization said the decision, effective in Fall 2022, was made because they are “not just an organization for women leaders, but a 'flock' of intersectional feminists of all identities.”

The organization added that the new name will promote inclusion.

“We accept anyone regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation, ability, age, etc. Feminism benefits and impacts everyone,” the statement read. "The name Organization of Women Leaders does not directly express the acceptance and intersectionality that we value in this organization.”

The name change is not effective until the Fall 2022 semester.

Beginning Jan. 27, the OWLs will meet every Wednesday at 9 p.m in Pierce Hall Room 135.

Applications to become an OWLs member during the Spring 2022 semester are available on their Link Tree profile.

OWLs president, Olivia Solis, said the organization is looking forward to their annual "Slut Walk" in April – an annual march calling for the end of sexual aggression, victim-blaming, and slut shaming.