Students air improv game show "On the Spot"

Co-producers premiere show on MHTV


The improv cast records the introduction for "On The Spot" at MHTV Tuesday, Feb. 8. Seniors, Tyler Isanhart and Michelle Powers, are creating the new improv comedy show bringing students together with various backgrounds and experience in comedy, television and tech.

Growing up, Tyler Isanhart watched and laughed along with "Who's Line is it Anyway?", an improvised comedy game show.

Now, he laughs along with his own improvised game show, "On the Spot".

“I've been doing improv for so long,” senior co-producer Tyler Isanhart said. “I never thought we could take it to the TV station.”

In the episodic show, actors play games that create guidelines for them to follow when improvising scenes on the spot. In the pilot episode, actors played several games including one called “Tom Holland”. 

“You get the name of a celebrity, and then you make a pun based on the celebrity's name,” senior co-producer Michelle Powers said.

Isanhart, a major in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts, feels that his show “On the Spot” is something that has been missing from the BCA program.

“It's nice to see comedy out there now,” he said. “People want to learn comedy and create that improv community that we're missing in BCA.”

Student producers must complete BCA 440 and have two semesters of production experience before they can pitch a show through Moore Hall Television (MHTV). Isanhart was told he needed a co-producer because he did not meet the necessary requirements. Powers was the first person that came to mind.

“There was no one I thought better than Michelle,” Isanhart said. “When it comes to technical TV stuff, she is God's gift hands down. She's one of the smartest, most reliable, dependable people I could ever count on.”

It is not their first time collaborating though. Isanhart and Powers are involved in Hypothetical Fistfight and Trap Door, two independent improv groups on campus.

The two share many responsibilities for "On the Spot" including recording, acting, directing and editing. Powers directed the first recording for the show.

"I thought it was hilarious," she said. “I was in the control room cracking up in my headset."

The first episode of "On the Spot" premiered on Feb. 19 and is available on Vimeo.  New episodes of "On the Spot" come out on Saturdays at 8 p.m. on MHTV followed by reruns of the show. 

“We just want that little hangout session where you (and your friends) can all get together at eight o'clock at night, watch a fun show and laugh,” Isanhart said. “That's all we really want to do is just make people laugh and have a good night.” 

“On the Spot” has an open cast and welcomes students with all different backgrounds.

“​​You don't have to have a comedy, BCA or technical background or improv (experience) or anything,” Isanhart said. “That's why we're here, to teach you that stuff.”

"It's an incredible way to get hands on experience in an industry level studio," Powers added. 

To learn more about joining or supporting the group, contact the creators on Instagram.