COLUMN: Saying farewell to CMU


Said by many but understood by few at our age, “Enjoy your time while you’re here because it’ll fly by.” 

The concept of the saying is simple. I thought I fully understood the meaning, I just wasn’t aware how true it was.

After four years of school, three years of socializing, and two and a half years at Central Michigan Life, I’m finally able to start life.

Am I ready? Probably not but, as my naïve self, I hope I can acclimate quickly.

When I first stepped foot on campus, I knew this was the place I was meant to be.

In my orientation I had accidentally walked into a journalism briefing. Turned out I liked what the presenter had to say and I took a chance and went for it.

Thankfully my gut was right and I chose something I love. When I started writing for CMLife, I covered some university events but transitioned to the community beat. While I enjoyed what I wrote, I had always been a sports lover at heart.

I took another chance and asked the then-sports editor, Austin Chastain, if I could come aboard. He agreed and set the foundation for how I cover sports to this day.

Once he graduated, I was greeted by a former classmate, Mitch Vosburg. Under his watchful eye, he refined my skills and the dedication needed for covering a sport. 

After Mitch completed his time at CMU, I was relieved when the editor spot was filled by a sports reporting savant like Christian Booher. Now that my foundation and skills were in place, Booher allowed me the freedom of trust in my coverage.

While CMLife set the foundation for my future endeavors, I was first blessed with a great friend group and great roommates from the start.

I first met my college buddy, Alex Klein, at Mainstage my freshman year at the CMU Golf Club table and we instantly bonded. Because of him I was introduced to so many people I now call friends and have made amazing memories over the past four years. He’s always someone I can rely on.

Alex’s roommate at the time was Brett Hobson. I still remember the first time we hung out was on a random trip to Wayside where we had a blast. Since then, we’ve all lived together. I especially grew close with Brett through playing a bunch of video games and staying up way too late.

Finally, we acquired our fourth roommate last year, Nick Morabito - "Bito" for short. He has a heart of gold and always has our backs.

Sam Miller, my girlfriend of over four years, has always given me incredible support. We spent a lot of time apart because we attend different universities, but when we have time to visit each other it feels like a dream.

None of my college experiences - or life - would be possible without my mom, Kelly Garry, my dad, Jim Wulbrecht and my stepdad, Greg Garry. They collectively provided an amazing life thus-far and I am extremely lucky and thankful for all they’ve done.

In no particular order, these are other equally as great people that have impacted me during my time at CMU:

Dustin Keel, Nic Hobson, Hannah Russo, Stacey Buckholz, Anna Pena, Chase Homer, Dylan Bone, Will Braun, Matt Dufty, Robbey Stafford, Mark Ellis, Tyler Saferian, Amanda VanNiejenhuis, Jordan Williams, Justin Bowman, Sean Chase, Ashley Birkness, Megan Youngblood, Robbie Baron and Abby and Rachael Kniper.

I loved my time here and everyone I’ve met. Fire up forever!