Academic Senate discusses hybrid classes and staff time off


President Bob Davies speaks to the Academic Senate, April 19, 2022, in the French Auditorium. 

During its first and only meeting in October, the Academic Senate discussed hybrid classes and multiple changes within the Honors Program. President Bob Davies also addressed concerns about staff time off on recognized holidays.

Hybrid classes

During the president and provost’s report, Senator Alan Rudy asked a question about what makes a class hybrid.   

"The concern is that without some kind of standard, somebody could decide to meet for the first day and then do the rest online and call it hybrid," Rudy said. 

Senator Katrina Piatek-Jimenez said instead of strict requirements, class structures are up to faculty to establish based on the needs of their classes. The Curricular Authority Document used to require hybrid classes to have at least one-third of their meetings in person, but that part of the hybrid definition was removed last year, she said.     

Staff time off

After his report, Davies addressed a concern from Senator Ted Clayton, who had submitted a letter before the meeting.  

“There are several university holidays where there are no classes but Central Michigan University remains open,” Clayton said. “I’m concerned that this sends the message that, while students and faculty need these periodic breaks to rest and recharge, CMU staff do not.”

Davies said that the well being of staff is a priority, but the university has to remain open on holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day to facilitate the events and activities that pair with holidays. 

Honors Program

The senate voted to approve changes in policy language for the Centralis scholarships. These changes are meant to better regulate the flow of scholarship money to recipients and the explicit costs of attending.

In the past, Centralis students would get more than they needed from the scholarship, the interim vice provost for Academic Affairs Dave Patton said. 

“It would occur at times where students would receive more funds than it actually costs for a full ride,” Patton said.  

The Honors Council also approved a change for one of its staff positions. The associate director position and the program coordinator positions were consolidated to better reflect the positions that are on the council. Zach Evans is the current program coordinator and there is no associate director. 

General education faculty survey

A survey was announced by the interim general education coordinator Joshua Smith. The survey is meant to gauge faculty perceptions of general education, marking the beginning of a process to revamp the general education program, Smith said. 

This "revamping process" has not started yet he said, but will occur in stages, starting with the survey.  

Smith also requested any interested parties join the committee to make changes to the general education program. His email is  

Town Hall Meeting Announcement

Davis announced three upcoming town hall meetings on campus: in person and virtually on Oct. 20 and Oct. 28, and online only on Oct. 24.

“There will be three town halls to introduce and discuss proposed changes to the questions used at the end of course surveys,” Davis said.