Pleasant City Coffee is to host a Mount Pleasant residents book signing


Michael Shuler, owner of Hall of Heroes, poses for a photo in his shop on Feb. 22, 2018, at 1620 S. Mission St. Suite P. 

After almost 50 years, Michael J. Shuler finished and published his book, "How We Saved the World on Our Summer Vacation".

Schuler described the book as a "cross between James Bond and the six million [dollar] man with a little bit of Star Trek and a little bit of Batman thrown in."

Pleasant City Coffee will be holding a book signing event for Shuler's book from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Oct. 15.

"I think about it from time to time over the years that you know, I just really have to get it done because it's really something that I've wanted to do literally my whole life," Shuler said. "I mean, part of the reason for wanting to get it done is because I just had my 65th birthday and I'm like, what are you gonna do after 65?"

Not only is he a published author, Shuler had been the owner of a comic book store located in downtown Mount Pleasant called the Hall of Heroes for 17 years before he recently sold it.

While working at the comic store Shuler met Jay DeFoy, the artist who ended up creating the book cover for Shuler. At the time around 2005 DeFoy was a Central Michigan University student. He came in with a sparrow on his finger. After browsing the store, Defoy had come up to the counter and asked if checks were allowed.

"I said, yeah, and he grabbed his checkbook, but then he kind of looked at me and then he looked at the bird, because he needed that hand and he just stuck his hand out," Shuler said. "I put my finger up and it jumped to my finger. And he wrote out the check and he tore it off and he handed it to me and I put my hand down and he (the sparrow) jumped back to his finger and he walked out."

Afterwards, Shuler hired DeFoy to be the cover artist.

"I just kind of gave him gave him the first chapter and told him a bit about what was going to happen and he did a mock up and he just nailed it," Shuler said. "It just gave me goosebumps that he just figured it out so quickly."

Schuler said he is considering hiring an artist to turn his book into a graphic novel.