Meet the candidates for Michigan State Senator for the 34th District: Becky McDonald


Courtesy of Becky McDonald

Editor's note: In the interest of  fairness, Central Michigan Life also contacted McDonald's opponents, Christine Gerace and Roger Hauck to interview them. This article is not an endorsement. 

Becky McDonald is running for the U.S. Taxpayers party to represent Michigan's 34th District as a state senator. 

She said she is feeling nervous but confident about the upcoming election as a third party candidate. 

McDonald's primary focus for her campaign is agriculture and farming. Growing up on a farm was the backbone of starting her career in politics, she said. 

She said she did not want to focus her campaign towards a certain group but rather focus on issues with negative impacts.

McDonald began her involvement in politics in 2020 after feeling not very represented by the two dominant parties. The 34th district of Michigan did not have a county affiliate for the U.S. Taxpayers Party until McDonald became the official one in Jan. 2022, she said. 

In July, McDonald officially became the third candidate for the state senate.

When asked how she feels about being the Taxpayers affiliate McDonald said “once you become a volunteer, you become one for life.”

Having only been involved in politics for two years, McDonald said she feels a little nervous about what to expect for the election on Nov. 8. However, she said she remains confident because all politicians have various experience levels.

"Our founders wanted the people to be represented by the best fit person, so that could be anyone, not just someone whose career is in politics," McDonald said.

McDonald said she feels this is the best election for a third party candidate to run due to the rising tension between the two major parties. 

“The Republican Party started off as a minor party, that could happen to us,” McDonald said.

Since July, McDonald has been very busy campaigning for the election. McDonald has been hosting several meet-and-greets, attending city and township meetings and using social media to engage with younger audiences. 

“I want to make myself known and say, 'hey I’m here for you' to the voters,” McDonald said.

McDonald said people should vote for her because she is real and can listen to what people have to say. She said she will be available to the people and feels it is important for people to be able to see and talk to her.

“I’m not just a name on the ballot,” McDonald said.