Cabinet members of SGA pied during RISE fundraiser


SGA cabinet members being pied during fundraiser during SGA meeting on Dec. 5 

During the last Student Government Association meeting of the semester on Dec. 5, SGA raised $50 for Recovery Independence Safety, and Empowerment Advocacy (RISE). By donating $1, audience members were able to pie a cabinet member of their choice. 

Before the fundraiser took place each liaison representing SGA gave a report of what they have worked on during the semester and plans for next semester.

Sophomore Jozy Allen the athletic liaison represents SGA on the student athlete advisory committee. Allen along with other students worked with dining services to change the dining hall hours to allow for lunch to be served later to accommodate student athletes to eat after practices. 

Junior Gabrielle Allers who represents the student disability liaison helps build a bridge between SGA and SDS. Allers said she has been working with the SDS office to make the application to apply for disability services easier. Allers is also apart of the diversity committee legislation subcommittee to write legislation that supports student disability. 

Senior Leigh Roberts is the city commission liaison and attends the Mount Pleasant city commission meetings to represent Central Michigan University students in the meetings. 

Sophomore Shreya Abraham is the director of diversity equity and inclusion and partners with the Multicultural Academic Student Service office to plan events for different heritage months. 

Junior Mackenzye Pettit is the legal clinic director which provides free legal advice to students. Pettit has been working to have the legal clinic more accessible on the CMU website and on SGA’s website. Pettit is working on an event for next semester that will be a Q&A with attorneys to learn more about their job. More information about the event will be available next semester. 

Senior Joe Monetta is the historian and has been collecting the meeting minutes from SGA meetings this semester and will send the minutes to the library archives. The archives have SGA meeting minutes that date back 20 years. Old meeting minutes are helpful for students who are working on legislation to look back and see if similar legislation has been discussed in past SGA meetings. 

Announcements during general board meeting:

  • The Community Church is hosting a midnight pancake the free event will start at midnight on Dec. 12 at the Community Church.
  • Sign up for Lavender Graduation closes on Dec. 9. It is a celebration for CMU’s graduating members of the LGBTQ+ community at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 14 at UC 108. 
  • Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (OSTEM) is hosting its first recruitment event at 7 p.m. on Dec. 7 in Dow 109. 
  • SGA is looking for more senators for next semester nominations. The date for the nominations is to be determined. 

During the house meeting, members of the house read and discussed the updated legislation on a potential absence policy for students for medical travel. Since the last meeting, minor changes including grammar and word phrasing were made to the legislation. Members then voted and it was passed to be reviewed by the university.  

During the senate meeting, the senators also reviewed the updated legislation. During the open discussion, an audience member suggested adding clarification about what kind of transportation and the travel distance will be excused. 

The senators also voted on the legislation and with eight voting yes, the legislation passed in the senate.