Daryl and the Beans to perform live on Moore Hall Television


Daryl & the Beans rehearse in member Darrin Doyle's basement on April 4, 2019. From left to right: English language and literature faculty Darrin Doyle, Robert Fanning and Jeffrey Bean.

A band composed of three Central Michigan University professors, Daryl and the Beans, will perform live on Moore Hall Television (MHTV) in its Summit Session Live show. This weekend special will be at 6 p.m. on Feb. 18 in MHTV Studios. 

The event is free and open to the public to listen. The first 20 people will be able to listen in MHTV studios and the rest will be escorted to Moore 105 to watch the livestream on its YouTube channel

The three band members are Jeffrey Bean aka "Daryl", Darrin Doyle and Robert Fanning  aka "the Beans".

“You can expect some cool rock music,” Doyle said. “We often do a lot of cover songs, but this one is all originals.”

The band will be performing their own heavy metal rendition of the CMU alma mater song with its original musical arrangements, but new lyrics. They also will perform a jazzy song about a shoe salesman who is trying to woo a woman and other original songs, according to Doyle.

The band will be joined by one of their CMU creative writing students on the keyboard and djembe drums. 

Doyle said the band started when they heard about a faculty talent show in 2012. 

“We thought it'd be fun to get together and put together a couple of songs for this talent show,” Doyle said. “We started with a kind of a slow ballot version of the Quiet Riot song, ‘Cum On, Feel the Noise’ with three part harmonies. Then the talent show got canceled, so we never performed, but we ended up enjoying playing together so much that we just kept doing it.”

Doyle said he enjoys playing with the band for the fun and open atmosphere. He and the other two band members have strong chemistry together so they are able to play off of each other's strengths “very well“, he said. 

“Everybody in the group has a very open mind about what kind of songs we might play,” Doyle said. “We cover a huge range of artists from like Lil Nas X and Selena Gomez songs to the Bee Gees, Quiet Riot, Van Halen, country songs and whatnot. So it's all really kind of fun and we do our own arrangements of them and it's just a real loose and creative atmosphere.”

For more information on the event or Summit Live Sessions contact mcken3al@cmich.edu