Summit session’s 10th season: Daryl and the Beans and Eric Limarenko


Daryl and the Beans on Feb. 18.

Moore Hall Television had its 10th season weekend special of Summit Sessions Live on Feb. 18.

At 6 p.m. in Moore Hall studios, musical talents Eric Limarenko and Daryl and the Beans showcased their original music on Moore Hall Television for a live audience of family, friends and students. 

Both acts had dedicated their performances to the students and staff of Michigan State University in light of recent events, according to television host and Central Michigan University student, Charlie Fossen. 

Limarenko opened with acoustic songs from his original film Whatnots, including “Pictures on the Wall”, “Dog Years”, “Fly Away”, “Waiting in the Rain”, “Red Shoes” and “I know”. 

“They’re classic themes of love and loss and a lot of poems or rudimentary songs that I had that I didn’t do anything with,” Limarenko said. “I kinda brought those together and all of a sudden there was this burst of inspiration between lyrics and music that happened.”

Limarenko is a broadcast and cinematic arts professor at CMU and participated in the first ever episode of Summit Sessions Live four years ago. He said it is crazy to see the evolution from when the show first started to now and how his own music and creativity has evolved over time. 

“I think behind reading, eating, drinking, music comes next,” Limarenko said. “It’s always been there and been such an important part of my life since I can remember.”

Limarenko had not played in front of an audience in three years, so he was hesitant to perform in front of a live audience this time on Summit Sessions, but was persuaded by the students at Moore Hall Television. 

Following a quick ad break and transition, Daryl and the Beans took the stage to perform their songs “Mr. Freakout”, “You Want Me Dead”, “A Feel for Your Needs (etcetera)”, “Dollar Store” and concluding the episode with CMU “Alma Mater”, the band‘s heavy metal rendition. 

Daryl and the Beans was accompanied by one of their creative writing students, Bruno Voigt, on djembe and keyboard. 

“We all have a wide range of music that we love,” band member Robert Fanning said. “I think that the fun thing about the band is that we all try and bring a bunch of different styles. We try to keep it fresh.”

Daryl and the Beans consists of three CMU professors that practice and create music in their spare time. Band member, Darrin Doyle said he teaches a lot of creative writing classes whether that be the intro or graduate level where students each bring a different energy. Fanning said he loves seeing all his students get excited about his creative writing classes and especially how they support the band. 

Daryl and the Beans can be found on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. 

The full livestream of the show can be found on Summit Session’s Youtube channel.