Central Harmony to perform spring concert at Broadway Theatre


Central Harmony at its most recent concert in Fall of 2022. Courtesy of Central Harmony President Coryn Rose 

Central Harmony, an on-campus a cappella group, will be performing it’s spring concert at 1 p.m. Sunday, April 30 at the Broadway Theatre downtown Mount Pleasant. 

The musical organization is the only gender-inclusive a cappella group at Central Michigan University. Created in 2005, it features soprano, alto, tenor and bass singers. 

Coryn Rose, Central Harmony singer and a graduating senior majoring in interior design, is performing her last concert this Sunday. She said the group encourages CMU students to join Central Harmony, no matter their major or a cappella background. 

Central Harmony hosts a concert every fall and spring semester.

“Some of our competitions and gigs are … downstate, so they may not all be available to the residents of Mount Pleasant or the students at Central, so (the spring concert is) really to showcase to our peers what we’re doing,” Rose said. 

Rose also said the event is a chance for the members of Central Harmony to sing for their friends and family. 

The concert this year will be the first time the group is performing off campus since COVID-19, and only the fourth time performing together since going back to in-person classes, post-pandemic.

Because it is Rose’s last concert as a senior, she will be singing a solo piece, “Breakaway,” by Kelly Clarkson. 

“I’ll very much miss the a capella community here,” Rose said. “It was a really huge part of my time at Central and I would encourage anyone who loves music to do it and get into the student-run music programs here.”

Along with Central Harmony, there is an all-female a cappella group, On the Rox, and an all-male a cappella group, Fish’n’Chips.