CM Life Visuals Desk Best of the Semester

CMU is a vibrant community that is in constant need of coverage.This community was shown throughout the spring 2023 semester by the CM Life visuals team. 

As the semester ends, we ant to show the incredible community at CMU through the eyes of CM Life photojournalists as they show what their best work of the semester was and reflect on their experiences during their time at CM Life this semester.

Sophie Paar

I had fun attending and photographing different events this semester. I attended a variety of events so I got some nice content. For 'best of the semester' I chose the photos I did because I think they are fun and different. The close-up of the dog is not something we always see because we are usually photographing people, so it was nice to get a photo of a different subject. I thought the dancer photo was fun because of the dress and gives a little insight into what was happening at the time. I look forward to taking more photos next year and grow more as a photographer. 

Stella, the therapy dog, lays on the floor, Tuesday, April 4 at the Center for Student Inclusion and Diversity in the Bovee University Center. Stella is six and a half yeard old.

Junior Allison Oviedo waves her dress around while she performs, Saturday, March 25, at the Kulhavi Events Center. Oviedo did a solo performance to honor her culture.

Ella Miller:

I really enjoyed getting to grow as a photographer this semester. I got to cover new types of events I had never experienced before, such as the MLK Day March and the Celebrating Life Pow wow. I learned about going outside my comfort zone to find photos around campus when doing my photo of the day each week. I also loved getting to take photos for the cover story of Ari Berk. Overall, I learned a lot this semester.

Ari Berk reads a book Monday, March 13 at his house in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Berk says he was drawn to the house because of its high ceilings, which allow for more room to decorate. 

Joe Syrette bows his head as he finishes a dance at the Celebrating Life Pow wow Sunday, March 19 in McGuirk Arena. 

Abby Jenkins:

Every week this past semester, I would find myself in a different part of campus surrounded by new people and experiences. I value the art of visual storytelling, and I am thankful that I have been able to share different parts of our community and university through pictures. I especially enjoyed covering sporting events this semester because of the energy and action at each event that made for some really cool photos from our staff. Being a part of the 24-Hour story was definitely a highlight of my semester, along with being surrounded by very talented individuals that have left me with valuable lessons and knowledge.

Senior guard Brian Taylor attempts to block a layup during the game against Toledo on Tuesday, Feb. 28 in McGuirk Arena. Taylor had 4 points in the game.

Freshman guard Taylor Anderson dives for a loose ball during the game against Toledo on Wednesday, Feb. 1 in McGuirk Arena. Anderson contributed 6 points to the team score.

Marie Underwood:

Being so inspired by all the photographers I've met at CMU, I really tried to challenge myself with the photos I made this semester. I pushed to explore different angles, pay more attention to details and hone my camera skills. Every encounter, assignment and setback helped me become a better photographer, student and overall person. I'm most proud of participating in the Day in a Life project this semester. Collaborating with photographers around campus and receiving feedback from dedicated alumni was an opportunity I'll never forget. This was the best semester yet.

MARIE UNDERWOOD: Junior Emma Doederlein, left, and freshman Lexi Galliers, right, make friendship bracelets during the Taylor Swift Society's Eras Tour Launch Party at 9 p.m. Sunday, March 19 in the French Auditorium. Fans plan to trade friendship bracelets at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concerts.

MARIE UNDERWOOD: Senior midfielder Audrey Whiteside, right, defends Eastern Michigan's Haley Hodak during a game against on Wednesday, April 26 at the CMU Lacrosse Complex. Whiteside had one assist.

Jo Kenoshmeg:

For me, this semester has been an incredible learning experience. I have learned a lot about what kind of photography I would like to pursue in the future and how to achieve that. Another thing I loved about this semester was meeting a lot of different people. This semester I have met people that I would love to call my lifelong friends who I hang out with almost everyday. It was quite difficult adjusting to living not at home with my parents and to a totally different environment than back home. I have loved living on my own and becoming more independent. This semester has been great overall and I am excited to do more with CM Life in the fall. 

Head Veteran Walker Stonefish speaks to the crowd Sunday, March 19 in McGuirk Arena. Stonefish spoke to welcome everyone to the 34th Annual Powwow at Central Michigan University.

Candles get lit to honor the victims of the MSU shooting Wednesday, Feb. 15, at the Central Michigan University Seal outside of Warriner Hall.