New RSO: L.e.g.a.C sparks authentic conversations with debut event


LegaC members (from left) Ciaira Pope, Samahjay Hitchcock, Tiarra Weddle, Marshall Dennis and Laila Lloyd stand at their booth for MainStage 2023. Courtesy of Tiarra Weddle and Laila Lloyd.

As the fall semester kicks into gear at Central Michigan University, many registered student organizations are gathering for their first meetings of the academic school year. Adding to the excitement and anticipation, a new student organization has emerged. 

Listening, engaging, and growing authentically through Conversation, otherwise known as L.e.g.a.C, will host its first-ever event on Wednesday, Sept. 13, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in Pearce Hall, Room 135. 

The goal of the group is to engage others in “deep, and sometimes difficult conversations,” said Co-Founders and Co-Presidents Tiarra Weddle and Laila Lloyd. 

“Our purpose is to initiate authentic, vulnerable conversations which challenge people to think deeper, constructing a transformational impact that will seep into their everyday lives,” they said in an email to Central Michigan Life.

The duo first got the idea to start L.e.g.a.C last year after meeting each other as roommates. By having deep, authentic and intentional conversations, Weddle and Lloyd said they quickly grew close. 

They now hope to connect others the same way through their first event, “What About Your Friends.”

According to Weddle and Lloyd, the event will be split up into three sections and will focus on “conversations about navigating the dimensionality of friendships as a young adult.” 

First, the group will engage in a short icebreaker activity. Then they will split up into groups to engage in discussions surrounding friendship such as what friendships mean to them, non-negotiable or unhealthy traits in friendships, and the impact of social media and how we perceive friendships. Finally, the event will end with one final collective discussion, delving even deeper into the subject of friendship. 

Weddle and Lloyd said they hope to create a “refreshing, warm and impactful community” through their organization, and hope that attendees are able to grow as individuals through authentic conversations. 

Jimmy John’s sandwiches will be provided at the event, along with a variety of chips and drinks for attendees to enjoy. 

The event is open for anyone to attend, RSVP here. For questions concerning the organization or event, contact L.e.g.a.C at their email,