CMU announces new four-year nursing degree program

Central Michigan University President Bob Davies addresses members of the audience during a press conference announcing the university's first-in-its-history four-year nursing program Monday, Jan. 29, in the Health Professions Building. [Courtesy photo | Adam Sparkes | University Communications}

In a move to address the rising demand for healthcare professionals in the state, Central Michigan University has announced the launch of a four-year, on-campus nursing bachelor degree program.  

The program is set to start in January 2025 and will allow 30 students to enter the program each semester. 

Thomas Masterson, the dean of the College of Health Professions at CMU, said the program will be unique compared to other four-year programs in the state.  

“Over the last several years, obviously, we know there has been a significant increase for the demand of nursing, not only in the state of Michigan, but really everywhere in America," he said. "Our program will be a little bit different in the sense that we are going to be emphasizing preparing nurses for rural underserved populations and collaboration with CMU's rural Health Equity Institute.” 

According to a university statement, the new program will incorporate new technologies such as artificial intelligence into its curriculum--highlighting the program's commitment to staying ahead in the evolving healthcare landscape. 

Other noteworthy features of the four-year bachelor's degree program include an ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) nursing skills lab and the collaborative learning opportunities between students in the two other nursing programs offered by CMU, its RN to BSN (Registered nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing) Program and the Joint Nursing Education Program.