Types of highs

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Cannabis consumptions rates have climbed significantly in the last decade.

Gallup, an international analytics company, published an article on Feb. 5 that found Americans who report smoking marijuana more than doubled in the last decade, from 7% in 2013 to 17% in 2023.

Though there are only two subspecies of cannabis – indica and sativa – experts believe there are over 700 strains of cannabis.

With cannabis use at an all-time high (pun-intended), it helps to understand the various affects you may feel when using cannabis.

Head High

Head highs most commonly come from smoking marijuana. This is the stereotypical high associated with cannabis. According to Campfire Cannabis, head highs offer emotional elevation, a surge in creative thinking, and a feeling of increased energy and motivation.

Smoking allows THC – one of the main compounds of cannabis – to directly enter the lungs and bloodstream, where it then enters the brain. From personal experience, head highs are more stimulating than any other.

Head highs more often come from sativa strains of cannabis, according to Quality Roots.

Strains that offer head highs, in my experience, include Sour Diesel, OG Kush and Purple Haze.

Body High

Body high’s, in contrast to head high’s, affect your entire body by creating an intense feeling of relaxation and calmness throughout your limbs and torso. Body highs are most commonly associated with eating edibles according to Campfire Cannabis.

Edibles are processed by your liver, which disperses the THC across your body, instead of sending it in to your brain, the website said.

In my experience, a body high is best when you plan to relax or sleep, because it will likely make you very pleasantly tired.

Indica strains, including Harle-Tsu, Platinum OG and Original Glue produce the best body high’s, according to JANE Dispensary

Energized Highs

Energized highs are distinct from body and head highs in that you feel a very specific energy across your whole body, Campfire Cannabis said. It can also accompany a feeling of mental euphoria and focus.

This kind of high comes from specific terpenes like myrcene, pyrene and caryophyllene.

Euphoric Highs

Euphoric highs do not make you feel energized or relaxed, but rather offer an altered and, for many, an improved mood and consciousness, Campfire Cannabis said.

This kind of high, according to Campfire Cannabis, is associated with high-potency strains of marijuana, such as OG Kush.

There are many ways cannabis can affect you, whether it’s your brain, your body or your energy. With cannabis use and kinds of strains on the rise, understanding how the plant may affect you can make the difference between an enjoyable and unpleasant experience with cannabis.