Student media board selects Fall 2024 CM Life editor-in-chief

Lauren Rice

Central Michigan University’s Board of Student Publications voted to elect junior Lauren Rice as Central Michigan Life’s editor-in-chief for the fall 2024 semester. 

The board selected Rice on April 8 at its semesterly meeting. 

Coming from Davison, Michigan, Rice started working at CM Life as a reporter in the fall 2022 semester, while also balancing her coursework majoring in journalism and pursuing a double minor in political science and public law. 

Rice earned the position of news editor for the 2023-24 academic year. She plans to graduate in 2025 with her bachelor’s degree. 

She said she wanted to be editor-in-chief because it is the position in which she feels she can have the most positive impact. 

“We're going into an election year, so using what I've learned from my classes and from experience and coverage about politics -- and especially the court systems -- I think will come into play here,” Rice said. 

In the coming semester, Rice would like students, staff, faculty and community members to know that since CM Life is going into its 106th year on campus, she does not take the weight of that reputation lightly. 

“We have spent 106 years presenting coverage that is hopefully and increasingly representative of our population,” she said. “And so, it is a goal of mine to carry on that reputation. Improve it wherever I can, although it's pretty good so far, and understand that this is a learning environment in a few different ways. Our staff are learning, our leadership are learning, and journalism itself is a learning tool for communities.”