Gather for the Culture: CMU event features Korean and Indian cuisines


On Nov. 1 Maya Denslow poses for a portrait in what used to be a greenhouse, but was transformed into a dining room.

Maya Denslow is the owner and sole chef for Jib-Bob Korean restaurant in downtown Mount Pleasant. The restaurant is located on a quiet block: 214 N Franklin St.

The exterior and yard feature her colorful wooden sculptures.

As the restaurant’s only chef, Denslow gets to know her visitors, and she makes sure that every table is happy. Walking from table to table, she greeted customers individually, asking, “How is everything?” and called “Enjoy the weather!” to departing guests.

Denslow said she has never been on Central Michigan University campus before. But now she is coming to the Bovee University Center to teach students about her fresh-made dishes. At 6 p.m. Monday April 15, Denslow will be at the UC room 108, participating in Asian Pacific American Heritage Month’s “Gather for the Culture” event.

An Indian restaurant from Midland, Idli Dosa, also provided a selection of foods for the event.

Denslow, Jib-Bob chef, said a lot of students don’t often leave campus; and many don’t know about her restaurant because the restaurant doesn't advertise. She said she wants to give students who are unable to visit her restaurant a chance to try some of her Korean cuisine.

“People deserve to know everything, and they need to know and try [it] out,” Denslow said. “Even if they don’t like it, it’s okay, but let’s try it out.”

Denslow said a selection of foods from her restaurant menu will be at the event Monday:

  • Bul-Go-Gi (a beef dish)
  • Duru-Chigi (a pork dish)
  • Job-Chae (a sweet potato, noodle dish)
  • Tteok Cup-Bob (a sweet, spicy rice cake)

For side dishes, there will be three kinds of Kimchi at the event. Denslow said Kimchi is a little like sauerkraut: the chopped vegetable, mixed with spice paste (Korean chilli powder) and left to ferment for six hours.