Soundcheck S7 E3: CD Dollar Bin

This time on Soundcheck, Michael, Ben and Brody revisit an old format! See if they found any gold in the CD Dollar Bin!

Editor's Note: Sorry for the subpar sound quality on this one. Technical difficulties on our end. -Ben


  1. heavenmetal // Chelsea Light Moving
  2. void // Sonny & The Sunsets
  3. God // Tori Amos
  4. It's So Easy Bein' Me // Artichoke
  5. American Kooter // Trans Am
  6. Chicane, OH // Casper Skulls
  7. Roar of the Ganja // Jonny Rice
  8. Just a Frog // Laurie Miller
  9. Sex Candy (Dance Mix) // Laurie Miller
  10. Boring (Dance Mix) // Laurie Miller
  11. Westbound Sign // Green Day
  12. Peggy Legg // Terry Allen
  13. Union Afterburner // Kindness, Texas

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