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Soundcheck S5 E5: Soundcheck +/- Mathrock (Video Podcast)

This time on Soundcheck, Michael gives Andrew and Ben a pop quiz in his favorite subject: Mathrock! Hope you studied up... Setlist: 21st Century Schizoid Man // King Crimson Futura // Battles The Swinging Man // Black Flag Sleep! // Big Black Breadcrumb Trail // Slint Never Meant // American Football Oh Messy Life // Cap'n Jazz Day Time (feat. Enno Cheng) // Elephant Gym Biblical Violence // Hella G.O.A.T. // Polyphia Waterslide // Chon The Ongoing Horrible // Maps & Atlases Aware Wolf // Sincerely Panda // This Town Needs Guns Badger // This Town Needs Guns We Own The Night // Dance Gavin Dance Never Meant // American Football Little Liar // Sleepy Dog Onset // Hikes Republic of Rough and Ready // Hella Juliefuckingette // Stephen Malkmus American Crisis // Bob Mould Sometimes // J Mascis 2 + 2 = ? // The Bob Seger System Keep listening to CM Life podcasts: Stay in touch with us: