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Soundcheck S5 E8: The Devil's Playlist (Halloween Special)

This week, the Soundcheck boys break their usual format again by releasing their first audio drama.

On this horrifying episode of Soundcheck, Michael's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, leaving him, Ben and Andrew stranded. Will they find help in the old farmhouse down the road, or something much more sinister?

Stay sick, turn blue. Happy Halloween from Soundcheck!


  1. Halloween // Sonic Youth
  2. Raining Blood // Slayer
  3. Witch Hunt // "Misfits"
  4. Surfin' Dead // The Cramps
  5. A Dangerous Meeting // Mercyful Fate
  6. Spooky // Dusty Springfield
  7. Ghost Town // The Specials
  8. Dracula's Theme // The Ghouls
  9. Nosferatu Man // Slint
  10. My Girlfriend is a Witch // October Country
  11. Devil Woman // Cliff Richard
  12. Mama Loi, Papa Loi // Exuma
  13. Pitchfork Kids // AJR
  14. (You're The) Devil In Disguise // Elvis Presley
  15. Runnin' with the Devil // Van Halen
  16. Creature with the Atom Brain // Roky Erickson

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