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LETTER: New flawed in many ways

(04/04/12 12:00pm)

Regarding Monday’s article “Delay in redesign will not cost CMU more than contracted $550,000,” there are a number of errors of fact. “The delay in the Central Michigan University website redesign will not cost the university more than its contracted $550,000, Vice President for Information Technology Roger Rehm said last week.” Roger lied; the delay has cost more than the contracted amount. Just because the work is being done by CMU staff instead of consultants, it doesn’t mean that it has no cost. “Initially tabbed for an August launch, the project was delayed after the number of pages needed to be migrated bloomed above 50,000,” the story said. The delay wasn’t caused by an increase in the number of pages that needed to be migrated. The incompetent running the project failed to learn the true scope of what was involved before the contract was signed. As it turned out, large numbers of pages that were to be migrated were actually not migrated, as Blue Chip wasn’t prepared to deal with dynamic pages. Much of the work that they were to do was dumped off onto various I.T. staff throughout the university, causing delays in other projects. “One of the key aspects of relaunch will be Central Link, a new and improved version of the CMU Portal, where students will be able to access grades, Blackboard and email, among other options," the story said. CentralLink may be new, but it’s far from an improved portal. It’s a terrible design in many ways. The most glaring deficiency is indicated by the training video that eats up much of the page. A portal that requires training to use is inherently flawed; it should be intuitive for anyone who has basic web browsing experience.

LETTER: Title IX committee meeting planned for April 5

(03/28/12 11:45am)

I am writing this letter to inform the campus community of the work of the Central Michigan University Title IX-Gender Equity Committee. In January of this year, University President George Ross formed a committee with the charge of assessing CMU’s ongoing compliance with Title IX, with the primary focus to provide equitable varsity athletic participation opportunities for both male and female students.

LETTER: Difficult to have faith saying fracking is integral to jobs, energy

(03/16/12 11:30am)

A recent letter from Michigan Oil and Gas Association President Frank Mortl (Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan is proven safe, important, Feb. 27) strategically ignored the risks imposed by fracking to human health and the environment, touting the fictitious notion that fracking is "integral to energy production, job creation and our economic wellbeing."

LETTER: Affordable Care Act offers college students health insurance option

(02/17/12 12:00pm)

Recently, Michigan State University announced that if students do not have health insurance coverage on their own, they will be required to enroll in a MSU plan at a cost of nearly $1,500 for the year. The university was acting in response to the fact that a high number of students at MSU have historically not had coverage, and they want to protect students who might get sick and have to choose between paying medical bills or college.

LETTER: College of Medicine progress is remarkable, needed

(01/25/12 12:55pm)

I have been following with great interest the progress being made by Central Michigan University in establishing the College of Medicine. The idea of a school of medicine focusing on training primary care physicians was being discussed during the last months of my tenure as a member of the board of trustees. Having accomplished so much in such a short period of time under the leadership of Chairman Dr. Sam Kottamasu, Dean Ernest Yoder, Provost E. Gary Shapiro and University President George Ross, is truly remarkable.